Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Haul Out, Earthquake, Hurricane, and Other Issues

We arrived back in Herrington Harbour North on Tuesday, August 17, 2011.  HHN is the closest thing we have to a home base.  We keep a storage room with ladders, tools, and spares at the marina.  And, after keeping Serenity there for seven years, it just feels like home.

The following Thursday we were hauled out.

HHN has great equipment and competent crews for haul outs.

But, it is still a little nerve racking seeing your boat lifted from the water.

The purchase survey had noted that the bottom paint and zincs were approaching the end of their service life.  Also, the engines were short a few hundred RPMs from reaching the full 2600 RPM at wide open throttle indicating the props may be pitched wrong.  So they will be pulled and tuned by Ralph at Digital Prop Shop.

After a power wash,

MOTIVATOR did a tour of the marina, causing a slight traffic jam, and then was placed on the hard.

Pollie packed her bags and left to visit the youngest son in Reston, VA as soon the bottom paint came out.  I joined her at Haeden’s third floor apartment just in time to for the 5.8 earthquake.  Haeden called to check on us after the quake and we told him we ran down the stairs to open ground.  He asked if we had grabbed the cat as we evacuated.  Nope, she was on her own.

Next was the warning that Irene was on her way to the Chesapeake.  We decided not to launch and stay where we were on the hard in between some large buildings.   As a precaution, we removed the entire canvass enclosures and secured all loose items.
Although we have encountered more rain and wind at anchor, we were relieved that Irene did not deliver more of a punch.  But, there was some damage.

Because of the following three day power outage we suffered a setback on some of the work we hoped to get done.  Pollie, however jumped on cleaning and reinstalling the canvass.

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  1. Glad that you survived both events.

    Lorraine and Phil
    S/V Changes