Monday, April 9, 2012

A Fish Story

They are called Mahi Mahi, Dolphin (fish, not the Flipper variety), or Dorado (in Latin countries) and often referred to as the perfect pelagic game fish.  They range from Rio de Janeiro to Nova Scotia, but prefer water in the 78 to 82 degree Fahrenheit range.  Studies have shown that they are capable of growing to a length of 4 feet and 40 pounds in less than a year.  Eating up to 20% of their weight each day means they are hungry.  Dolphin, therefore strike first and ask questions later.  But, I wouldn’t know, because I haven’t caught one, yet.  That is a barracuda in the photo above and below.
Unlike Mahi Mahi, barracuda are not good for eating and are carriers of ciguatera.  So in these photos, I am attempting to shake the barracuda off of my lure, and avoid reaching down amongst all of those teeth to unhook him.  This time I was successful, the previous barracuda took my lure.
Motivator is a good platform for trolling, and her aft cockpit is great for landing a fish.  But, the sport fishing boats have the advantage.  They come with live wells for keeping live bait.  Cruisers are generally limited to artificial lures.  On the commercial fishing charter boats, you have a captain to operate the boat, and a first mate to assist with landing the fish.  Without a big strong first mate to subdue a flailing 40-50 pound angry bull dolphin, most cruiser reportedly rely on pouring cheap vodka in the gills to nicely put the fish to sleep.  Notice my first mate is ready to hand me gloves, gaff, vodka, or whatever I need to land dinner.
Thank you Izzy R for the great pictures!

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