Thursday, July 26, 2012

Underwater Sculpture Garden

Grenada is known for some great snorkeling and dive sites.


Just a couple of miles north of St. George’s in Moilinere Bay is an underwater sculpture garden with reportedly 65 pieces in an area of about 9000 sq feet.

A Mermaid
The sculpture garden is within an area designated as a National Marine Park.
The Lost Correspondent
 Most of the sculptures are in about 15 feet of water.

Moiliniere Bay suffered considerable storm damage in recent years and the placement of an artificial structure has provided a new base for marine life to proliferate.

Divers off of a commercial boat
The sculptures were also designed to create a diversion from other areas of coral reef currently endangered by over use from water activities.
Grace Reef
Over cocktails the night before, an impromptu snorkeling trip was put together with three other couples in 3 dinghies.

Bill free diving to a sculpture
Bill and JoAnne from Ultra became our unofficial guides because they had been to the site before.

Pollie w/flower in hair
We found it to be an easy but very intriguing snorkeling trip and cannot wait to go back.

JoAnne, always the gracious host, had snacks ready for when we came out of the water.
A special thanks to Izzy St. Clair on the Izzy R for the great photographs.

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