Wednesday, October 17, 2012


This morning Pollie reminded me that today was our two year “sail away” anniversary, and then she added, “and we haven’t killed each other, yet.”

 If you are going to sail away, you have to set a departure date, and then just do it.  We had decided that 10-10-10 was going to be our departure date, and we only missed by seven days.
John Harris, one of our Herrington Harbor North marina buddies captured our departure and put together this photo montage, click here to see.  Thanks, John!

 That first trip down the east coast was chilly.  The above picture was in St. Augustine, FL (note the heavy jacket).

Our first Gulf Stream crossing came with a lot of trepidation.  So we waited for a weather window that gave us almost bathtub sea conditions.

Soon, however we were enjoying our first season in the Bahamas.

Serenity served us well for seven years on the Chesapeake and then as our cruising platform for nine months.  Before we left the Bahamas we decided that we loved the lifestyle, but wanted a bigger boat.

With help from Curtis Stokes, Motivator was purchased and Serenity was sold.

So how long will we be “sailing away?”  Only time will tell, and besides, “we haven’t killed each other, yet.”


  1. Wishing you many more sailing anniversaries!!!

  2. great to hear from you guys, happy anniversary!