Monday, December 17, 2012

La Salette Shrine

Construction began in 1766

Like most small towns in the Caribbean, Ste. Anne is built around its church. 

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This limestone church is actually Ste. Anne’s second.  The first one was destroyed by the British.

Motivator is the only trawler in the anchorage

From the anchorage we could see an elaborate trail leading up the hill behind the church.  This called for a hike.

A small chapel was built at each station on the Way of the Cross.

The parish’s Calvary project was the brainchild of Fr. Hurard, who wrote in 1870, “The work required to do this proved considerable.  In fact, they had to clear the land, mark out a path and build retaining walls. The people were enthusiastic and generally took part in the task. Hundreds of men, women and school children lent a hand with this work on Saturdays.”

Chapel at La Salette Shrine

At the base of the cross stands a small chapel with sound equipment for the overflow.  Each year on September 19th, many pilgrims come from the island's many parishes to pray to the Virgin Mary, venerated under this title of Our Lady of La Salette, on the hill that is dedicated to her in Sainte-Anne. 

Today, the cross at the top of the hill shares space with a cell tower that probably provides financial support as well as electricity for the shrine. 

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