Thursday, September 5, 2013

Friday Is Build-A-Burger Day

Every Friday between 11:30 and 1:30 the Merry Baker sells burgers, a lot of them.  When we first returned to Grenada, I went to the bakery for some breakfast goodies.  While Nigel was ringing me up, I asked if they were still doing the Build-A-Burger Fridays.  He said if they tried to stop the tradition, there would be a revolt on the island.

Part of the attraction is the price.  At $10 EC ($3.70 USD) a burger with all of the fixings it is a real bargain.

But it also has turned into one of the cruisers’ must do social events.  Usually one has to fight for seating at one of the picnic tables under the tree, but on this Friday a torrential rain had thinned the ranks.

The first step to building a burger is to pay the perpetually cheerful Merry for your burgers and drinks while not being tempted by the baked goodies.

Step number two is slicing a fresh baked bun and decorating it with condiments.

Step three is getting your burger and grilled onions hot of the grill from Nigel.

For more information about Merry and Nigel and the Merry Baker, CLICK HERE.

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