Friday, August 22, 2014


New Bern, North Carolina
Photograph by permission from Curtis Blake
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After almost 4 years of cruising, Pollie exercised her option for a land base.  She says she only promised me 3 to 5 years of fulltime cruising.  I, however have trouble recalling that agreement (probably the rum).  So now we have “agreed” to become part time cruisers and part time CLODs (Cruisers Living on Dirt).

Photograph by permission of Izzy St. Clair
M/V Izzy R

Part of our cruising goal was to find a place to eventually call home.  Factors included on our wish list were climate, tax friendly, boating community, historic area, and friendly people.  After seeing the east coast from Maine to Key West and most of the islands in the Bahamas and Caribbean, New Bern, NC remained at the top of our shortlist.

Century 21 Office Downtown New Bern

My criteria for buying property included the following:
  • I never want to see another lawn mower – limited landscape maintenance
  • No Home Owners Association – HOAs can be problematic
  • Income producing – we need the tax advantage
  • Easy to leave for extended periods of time – remember, we are only part time CLODs
  • Affordable – we don’t want to be “house poor,” and we still must buy diesel fuel

The list discouraged most real estate agents.  They simply shrugged and said comeback when you are serious.  I figured my specific criteria would keep me safe from becoming a CLOD in the near future.

I was wrong.  One agent, Denise, said, “I know the perfect property for you!”  It was not on the market, but she persuaded the owner to sell.  Unfortunately, my checklist was completely fulfilled.

Pollie is so happy! Happy wife, happy life! Badabing…


  1. If Momma ain't happy, nobody ain't happy! Congratulations. We have selected Hilton Head Island, SC, using different criteria, so we will be "almost" neighbors. First, Lauren needs to completely recover from her most recent surgery (total hip replacement #2) and then we need to sell the Farm in VT. Know anyone who might want one? Lots of D upon which to L!

  2. Sounds like you have a good plan to enjoy the best of both lifestyles. Enjoy!!

    1. Yes, but how much maintenance can one person do?