Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Making Tracks

After St. Augustine, Florida, we left the ICW, went outside and headed north to Cumberland Island, just inside Georgia.  There we spent a couple of days exploring the island.  To be good eco-tourists, we broke out the kayaks to get to shore.

Once on shore we hiked the “River Trail.”
Yes, it was hot!

But, the hike was worth it.  The ruins of Dungeness, once the Carnegie residence are incredible.

One really gets the sense of the opulence of the Gilded Age.
The Recreation House

The Recreation House included an indoor pool, sauna, exercise room, billiards room, and apartments.  The gardens had to be incredible, but today they are used by Cumberland Island’s numerous feral horses for grazing.

Even the Carnegie stable of automobiles are rusting away. 

After Cumberland Island, we popped back out on the Atlantic Ocean and made good time as we bypassed Georgia’s notorious shoals on the ICW.  We did come back in at night and anchored in Walburg Creek (Georgia) and St. Pierre Creek (South Carolina).  On our fourth day on the ocean, the waves got a little large and confused.  MOTIVATOR did great, but we had been lulled into a smooth ride and were not really rigged for sea.  The only casualty was wine glass that jumped off of the rack.  At the Charleston inlet, we pulled in and once again joined the ICW.

This portion of the ICW consists mainly of low lying grass islands, making for very serene landscape and anchorages.

This prompted Pollie to say, “once again we are anchored in the middle of stinking nowhere!”  But, I thought it was great.

We are now in Georgetown, SC for a few days. Georgetown is the home of the best breakfast place we have found on the East Coast.
The Coffee Break Café, Georgetown, SC

And, dinner at the Rice Paddy was great (!

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