Monday, July 4, 2011


After moving on to our new boat, we started outfitting.  Fortunately, the previous owners had her pretty well ready to go including a long list of spare parts for the engines and generators.  But we did have to add a few items, starting with a BBQ grill.
Our old Magnum Grill was still going strong even though it was on its third boat, but we wanted a larger one with a secondary raised rack.  Luckily, we caught a 4th of July sale at West Marine.

We also added a dock box on the stern cockpit for grill and boat washing supplies storage.

Next on our agenda was a new dinghy.  MOTIVATOR came with a lifting crane rated at 1,000 pounds, and a well designed cradle on top of the sun roof.

The new 12’ AB dinghy with 40 HP outboard weighs in at 850 pounds.  It is a little more complicated than our old dinghy with a 3.3 HP engine.

Jeff, one of the owners of Inflatable Boat Pros is giving me a checkout on the systems.  Soon, it is time to take her for the inaugural spin.

While we have been doing a lot of work getting MOTIVATOR ready, we did take a break for “date night” and use the new dinghy to find a restaurant/tiki bar along the ICW that had a descent Santana/Stones cover band.

We both enjoyed the food and music.

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