Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Last year we were not very enamored with Spanish Wells, so this year we debated about returning.
After a rather rough open ocean passage from the Abacos we entered the long dredged channel into the harbor.
Then you contact “Bandit” on Channel 16 who assigns the mooring balls and collects the money when he is not fishing (no anchoring in Spanish Wells).
Last year we stayed in the marina at the west end of town and missed watching the working harbor.  Above one of the skiffs is playing stern thruster for the mother ship.
Also, by staying in the mooring field, we met Jean and Tom who live in the house tucked in behind the pink house with the darker pink shutters.  They run a cruisers lending library and host sunset services on their front porch most evenings.
Jean also volunteers at the local museum, so she is a great source of information about the area.  The lobster boat above is the mother ship for small skiffs that go to the “lobster condos” to harvest the lobsters.  Lobster condos are structures made of corrugated tin on a wooden frame about 4’ X 8’ that are placed in about 30’ of water.  Divers using hookahs dive down and lift the condos and gather lobsters with a long hook.  The skiffs return to the mother ship where the lobster tails are flash frozen.

Besides the lobster boats, there was constant ferry traffic.
And, other boat traffic.
Spanish Wells has a very active boat yard.
But, at night everything calmed down and we had a pleasant mooring field.

Because Spanish Wells is virtually a dry island, there is no fine dining.  Pollie was able to pick up the slack.
Should you need to replenish the liquor cabinet, one can see liquor store over on Eleuthera from the mooring field.
All in all, this time we had a great visit.

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