Thursday, February 9, 2012

Shark Petting & Swimming Pigs

After the Exuma Land and Sea Park we motored down to Big Majors Spot and anchored.  Big Majors is noted for pigs that live on the island and swim out to greet approaching dinghies hoping to be fed.  They swim up beside your boat an open their mouths wide hoping that you are a good shot.  Pollie wasn’t, but her bread didn’t go to waste as there are fish below betting on the poor shots.  It’s a great system, the tourists feed the pigs and the locals occasionally have a pig roast.
South of Big Majors is Staniel Cay and home of the Staniel Cay Yacht Club where we were able to watch the Super Bowl and enjoy a buffet dinner.
Having the high speed dinghy gives us the opportunity to leave the mother ship and do some exploring.  Above is the cut (a lot of current) between Big Majors Spot and Fowl Cay.  You might want to consider Fowl Cay for your next vacation, click here.
North of Fowl Cay is Samson Cay where we stopped last year, and then Over Yonder Cay (pictured above).  Over Yonder Cay is home to another high end resort and hailed as an example of sensitive development, see Bahamas Local.  For an example of not so sensitive development look further north at Bell Island.
North of Over Yonder Cay after traversing Pipe Creek and passing several other Cays that are private or uninhabited, we arrived at Compass Cay for their famous hamburger and hotdog lunch.  Tying off the dinghy, we felt like we were crashing a party, but soon the gracious staff made us feel at home.
With lunch comes entertainment.  Note the bucket with bloody water.
We arrived just as the resident shark wrangler was giving instructions to the next group of bait, I mean tourists.
Everyone in the water!  Don’t pull on the fins or tail.  Keep fingers that may look and smell like food above the water.
Pollie took part of her lunch over to share with the sharks.
Once she was assured that they were well fed, she petted a couple of them.  Next time "Leftie" says she will take her bathing suit and go swimming with them.
I didn’t share my cheeseburger.

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