Thursday, March 15, 2012

Best Laid Plans…

Our son Haeden was scheduled to join us at the end of February for 9 days, so we checked into the Marina at Emerald Bay to wait his arrival.  Next door to a Sandals Resort, Emerald Bay is one of the nicer marinas in the Bahamas.  They even provided us with a carpet at our boarding ladder.

We met Haeden’s flight at Exuma International Airport (GGT).
No jet ways or luggage handling at GGT, jus a long walk across the tarmac.
As soon as Haeden cleared customs and emigration, it was off to Big D’s Conch House for a taste of the islands.
And, a chance for sticking his feet in the Bahamian water.

I think his mother was happy to see him.
Back at the Marina at Emerald Bay, we enjoyed the amenities and got in a game of pool at the club house.

The next day, we ran into George Town to do some shopping while we still had the rental car.
While there, Haeden checked out the opportunities to use his computer science degree in the Bahamas.
Later that afternoon, we got in some snorkeling at Sandals Beach.
We got in a couple of more days of bike riding and snorkeling, before it was time to motor on down to Elizabeth Harbour and George Town.

The golf balls Haeden found at Sandals Beach were donated to the Beach Golf Tournament at the George Town Cruisers Regatta.
It is called the George Town Cruisers Regatta, but most of the activities are actually across Elizabeth Harbour on Stocking Island and centered around the infamous Chat ‘N’ Chill and Volley Ball Beach.
We made it in time for the Sunday afternoon pig roast.
Haeden seemed to enjoy the sights.
And, learning about the local sea life.
Then our plans for Haeden’s visit unraveled.  A front moved through the Bahamas bringing us 4 days of very strong winds and rough sea conditions even tucked behind an island for shelter.  Haeden, however seemed to be able to entertain himself, and even gave our computers some much needed IT support.
One day we did brave the elements and took the dinghy into George Town for service on the engine.
While there, we got in a meal at the Driftwood Café.
After some grocery shopping, it was time to suit up for the ride back to the boat.
On the morning of his return flight, we took him to George Town so he could catch a taxi to the airport.  While I was picking up some must have items from the local hardware store, Haeden was making friends with the owner.
She must have liked him because she gave him a gift.

Then it was time for him to leave.
Until next time…

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