Friday, September 28, 2012

Packages for Cruisers

Receiving packages in the Islands can be a challenge.  At a hefty rate, UPS, FedEx and DHL service Grenada.  I have been told that USPS International also has been known to eventually get a package to Grenada.  As an alternative Grenada offers Grenada Postal Corporation (GPC) Global service (see: ).  Unfortunately, GPC Global service is not widely known in the cruiser community.

To initiate the service:
·         Complete the 3 page GPC Global agreement downloaded from this address:
·         Take the completed form to the main GPC office behind customs on the Carenage along with 
        2 forms     of ID.
·         You will be charged a 25 EC setup charge and a 50 EC yearly fee.
·         They will email to you the link for the Pak YA site (tracking site), your user name, password and                    account number.

·         When you order items, use the following address:
Your full name
7582 NW 74th Avenue
GND<your account number>
Medley, FL 33166-2423

When making Internet or phone orders having a U.S. address is important because some companies refuse to ship outside of the U.S.

Most of the packages cruisers receive contain boat parts or items that relate to life on a boat such as cameras and electronic items.  Unlike many island countries Grenada has a 30% income tax, a 30% corporate tax, and a 10% sales tax.  Therefore, they give cruisers or a “boat in transit” a break on import duties if the required paperwork is obtained and presented.  This means instead of paying up to a 30% duty on the value of items shipped in, cruisers only pay 2.5%

To ensure you do not pay excessive duty:   

  •  Complete the form and take it with a 1 copy of the receipt to a customs office, i.e., Port Louis, Grenada Yacht Club, etc.
  • Customs officials will sign and stamp the form
When your package arrives in Medley, FL, you will receive an email asking if you want the package held to be combined with other shipments, or processed for shipment.  There is also an opportunity to request or decline insurance. 

Shipment to Grenada by air transport is on Thursday night/Friday morning.  Friday morning you will receive an email requesting copies of your invoices and a completed C14 form.  You can fax, email, or drop the forms and receipts off at GPC Global window at the post office.   

Packages are then available for pickup after 2:00 PM on Friday.

Now, don't you appreciate your U.S. mail and package system?

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