Friday, February 21, 2014


Our introduction to the Caribbean (20 years ago) was chartering bare boats in the British Virgin Islands (BVIs).  The charter business for both crewed and bare boats is still thriving.  As a result, prices in the BVIs are what cruisers call “vacation prices.”  Moorings, food, beer, fuel - everything is pricey, but the water is beautiful. 

Break from bottom cleaning

Motivator’s crew has found we like stopping at Biras Creek when we are transiting the BVIs.  The moorings are almost reasonable at $25 per night and you are close to Gun Creek where there is customs and immigration for checking in or out.  While in Biras Creek I took advantage of the clear water to do a running gear and bottom cleaning.

How did I end up with a pink snorkel?

After a couple of nights at Biras Creek, we moved on to Norman Island.  Our intent was to have dinner and say good bye to the Willie T. (see:  But, when we went to make reservations we found the music and demeanor of the crowd was beyond our pay-grade.  We ended up having a pleasant evening with friends on a Canadian boat.

The Fish n’ Lime Inn
(Found a new bar & restaurant)

Our last stop in the BVIs was at the West End.  There we waited a day for some breezy weather to pass by and then we checked out of the BVIs before heading over to the US Virgin Islands.

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