Sunday, June 1, 2014

Little Harbour

From Spanish Wells Motivator headed for the northern most islands in the Bahamas, the Abacos.  With nothing but open ocean between us and Western Sahara in Africa to the east, this passage can be rather “sporty” in the wrong weather conditions.  But, Motivator’s crew has learned to wait for the right conditions.  “No hurry, mon.  You in the Bahamas, mon.”

The next problem is crossing the three foot bar at the entrance to Little Harbour with a boat with a 4’ 7” draft.  You must time your arrival to coincide with high tide, or anchor behind nearby Lynyard Cay.  Many crews, like we did the first time in the Abacos, askew this beautiful harbor because of the shallow entrance.

Motivator’s bottom cleaner wanted the calm water found in Little Harbour for a cleaning session using the hookah breathing system.  We carry the Brownies brand system that is powered by two small motorcycle batteries.  It gives me about one hour of cleaning time before needing a charge.

Pete’s Pub at Little Harbour is a quintessential beach bar that actually has good food.  Next door is the Johnston family gallery and foundry featuring some incredible bronze sculptures.


In 1950 Randolph Johnston and his family left behind the “Megamachine” in Massachusetts in search of the perfect place for Randolph to do his sculpting.  They had planned on cruising the Caribbean in their converted 47’ schooner, but when they entered Little Harbour they knew they had found their paradise.

Pete, Randolph’s son, took over the foundry after his father passed away and now also runs probably one of the more popular watering holes in the Abacos, Pete’s Pub.

Since our last visit two years ago, there has been some low level development around Little Harbour.  Included is Pete’s Private Club House built out on one of the docks.  Its purpose is mainly speculation, but one story is that it is Pete’s private getaway.

The Abacos feel like an extension of Florida, and many of the “cruisers” you find here never venture further south.  Their boats are not the same as we were used to seeing further south.  This Carver does over twice the speed of Motivator, but at an incredible 30gph burn rate.  The owner indicated that he seldom passes a fuel dock without stopping. 

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