Monday, September 26, 2011


As the days become shorter and the 2011 boating season winds down for the Northeast U.S., anticipation grows for several events in the Maryland area.  First was the Seven Seas Cruising Association Annapolis Gam, September 23-25.  
gam  n. 1. A social visit or friendly interchange, especially between whalers or seafarers.

Following the SSCA Gam is the United States Yacht Shows, with the sailboat show October 6 – 10, and the powerboat show October 13 – 16.  Annapolis was gearing up for this year’s show.

We always enjoy Annapolis, and this visit was no exception.

We managed to take in a concert, had dinner with Mark and Kathy, friends that we met in the Bahamas, and made new friends.
Dale & Bijou
MOTIVATOR seemed comfortable at anchor while we ventured into Reston, VA to see the youngest son and get new drivers licenses.

Patiently waiting
Later, Pollie managed to find a pirate with a peg leg cat.

After a week in Annapolis, it was time to head up to Baltimore where we hope to catch Trawler Fest.
Dodging a cantainer ship

Bay Bridge (Hwy 50)

Francis Scott Key Bridge

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