Saturday, September 17, 2011

Forty vs. Four

Included on our refit to-do-list was rebuilding the dinghy cradle.  On the way up from Florida, the dinghy had a tendency to rock forward and aft in heavy seas – not good!  When we arrived at Herrington Harbour North, we contracted with Eastport Spar and Rigging for a rebuild that would include providing more support for the overall weight and bracing to prevent the movement.  After the original cradle was removed, serious structural and design flaws were discovered.  So, most of the original cradle was scrapped, and only the long beams were salvaged.  After a wait that was exacerbated by a hurricane, electrical outage, and flooding, we were notified that the cradle was ready to be fitted to the sun deck.  To make the boat more accessible, it was moved to Galesville, MD and Hartge Yacht Harbor where ESR’s shop is located.
Towing the dinghy to Galesville

The original dinghy cradle had four through bolted attachment points.  The design theory probably being that fewer penetrations were better.  However, because the attachments were not stable, the four penetrations allowed moisture penetration.  The new design has 10 legs touching the deck, each with four fasteners each.

All of the penetrations were drilled and tapped to ensure a tight fit, and then carefully bedded with 3M 5200 sealer.
Pat and “J” working with the 5200
The hold-down points were through drilled so that acorn nuts with backing washers could be installed.
Lance (on the phone) did the welding

While the cradle was fabricated and installed, the dinghy was forced to wait in some fairly nasty marina water.

A power washing was ordered before the dinghy was fitted to the new cradle.

That got most, but not all of the growth that had accumulated over 4 weeks.
Pollie and I got to clean what the lift straps left

The dinghy was fitted and custom hold-down straps were fabricated.
Special thanks to:
John Callewaert, owner
Eastport Spar and Rigging

MOTIVATOR is ready to go
We are off to Annapolis and then Baltimore before heading south for the winter.

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