Monday, September 26, 2011

A Visit From the Newly Weds

Robin and Heitham Ghariani were MOTIVATOR’s first guest to spend the night.  Here is Robin’s photo album of the visit:
Meet Motivator. Docked in the Inner Harbor Baltimore, right by the Science Center

5 mins after being on the boat - Mojitos with mint from Pollie's herb garden

First stop is the engine room, which is bigger than the bedrooms in my condo! Mo is in heaven

One of the "twins"

Guest bunks where Heitham and I spent the night

Pollie in her new boat kitchen

Captain's quarters. Queen bed, full bathroom, and a closet with a washer and dryer inside. 1 desk and 3 closets.

the "wine cellar"

Herb garden, outfitted with caterpillars in cacoons!

Mo showing H the electronics at the steering station

Now on to chilling with the mojitos

Make that two chillers

Asian tourists from NYC want a shot in front of Mo's boat! You wouldn't believe how many people wanted to take pictures of it. One Romanian couple even jumped on the back!

That's a big dinghy!

Heitham riding in the dinghy

Motivator from the dinghy...on our way to Fells Point across the harbor
This dinghy is a "motorcycle in the water"....aka it was FAST. But we could only go 6 knots in the harbor. But you bet we "tested" the full speed just to see ;-)

Dinner cruise boats going by

Mo tying off the dinghy in Fells Point

And onto the Wharf Rat for some beers

Wedding on the pier

7am Sunday morning
Woken up by a full out reggae band playing on the shore (to welcome 5k runners meeting in the park)

Took a walking tour of Federal Hill. Saw some cool furniture shops

$1300 and it's yours!

You know I'd buy that couch!

And another kitty at the Ace Hardware counter

Inner Harbor from the Federal Hill park. Can you spot Motivator?

Mo and Po

R and H (holding our cool new "air plants")

Air plants - Just spritz them with water 2x a week and they grow. No soil necessary.

Awww man - do we have to leave!?!
Thanks Robin and Heitham,
we had a great time!

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