Thursday, January 12, 2012

Great Sale Cay

At first light we departed West End, Grand Bahama Island for Great Sale Cay.  It was important to leave at high tide because the water entering the Little Bahama Bank near Barracuda Shoal can be a little “skinny.”

Once on the Bank, the biggest wave we saw all day was our wake.

The combination of still water and a slight haze obscuring the horizon created a surreal environment.

At Great Sale Cay we broke out the hookah and cleaned the New River scum line from the side, did some bottom cleaning and checked the zincs.  The breathing system worked well, our only problem is that we are both floaters and need more weight to get down.

The moonrise over the calm water made for some interesting reflections.  This boat, a Nauticat, started to anchor next to us, but did not like the sound of the compressor on the hookah so it moved away.  Usually I have to play a heavy metal CD to give us elbow room – just kidding.

By sundown, there were a total of 8 boats in the anchorage.  Last spring when we were returning to the U.S. there were close to 40 boats in the anchorage.

The next morning, as the moonset, we pulled anchor and headed for Green Turtle Cay.

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