Saturday, January 7, 2012


After a few weeks watching the ego show put on by the mega yachts on the New River it was time to move on.

We moved from our slip on the New River to a staging anchorage at Lake Sylvia for the night then took off at first light leaving Ft. Lauderdale in our wake.

The crossing was uneventful; calm seas and no wind.   About six hours later we saw land again.

Ah, it is great to back in the Bahamas.  Note the tallest structure is the Bahamian Telecommunication tower.
After what Pollie described as, “a masterful job of docking,” we cleared customs and immigration in record time.  Then it was time to pull down the quarantine flag and replace it with the Bahamian courtesy flag.

Now it is time to cook the lobster I purchase for $5.00 per tail and the conch for 2 beers.

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  1. Such nice pics and memories. We hope to be finding you in the Exumas soon!