Friday, June 22, 2012

Entrepreneurial Island

Photo courtesy of Kenmore Henville
As we approached Admirality Bay in Bequia, a crazy man in a dinghy started circling our boat.  He was standing up, jumping waves, driving with one hand, taking pictures with the other, and blowing a whistle to get our attention.  Soon he waved, and then took off to intercept the next boat.

Kenmore was just the first of many small boats that came by to offer us services from laundry to teak refinishing.  All were very polite and professional.  The morning after our arrival, Kenmore stopped by with a framed proof and USB drive with about 35 shots of our boat for our perusal.  He later dropped by to take our order.  We now have the photo for our Christmas cards.

Fuel, water and ice were available from other vendors. Frizy, on Phat Shag came by and collected money for the mooring ball. They would even take your garbage so you would never have to leave your boat.

Except, you must find this building to check in to the Grenadines with customs and immigration.

Then you are free to roam the island.

Bequia is a popular dive destination with many nearby sites to explore.

The hotels for the divers are fairly low key.

As well as the eateries.

Unfortunately, we never did find the Whaleboner Bar open.

I did my own diving while we were there, breaking out the compressor to clean the bottom and check the zincs.

Soon it was time to move on, so we moved on down the Grenadine chain of islands to Union Island to check out.  There we had to anchor in fairly deep water (27’) behind a reef.

Union Island does not have much to offer the cruiser, but we did have fun meeting Bill and Debra and having drinks on their great yacht Renegade.

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