Monday, June 25, 2012

Med Moored

Two bow lines are connected to a small buoy (now submerged) and four lines are run to the concrete quay behind us.  We arrived during a small squall with rain and wind on the beam.  One of the marina workers in a dinghy attached the bow lines while two others took the stern lines from Pollie as I maneuvered the boat.  It was a success; we are safely here and did not scratch any fiberglass.

Our insurance requires us to be south of 12°40¢ North from 1 June to 15 November or we will be self-insuring for named or numbered storms.  Port Louis Marina, our home until October, lies at 12°04¢ North.

The insurance companies have slightly different views on what constitutes the Northern Tropical Storm Zone, and when the hurricane season officially starts and ends.  NOAA’s 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook indicates that a near normal season is most likely. Probably:
9-15 named storms,
4-8 could become hurricanes,
1-3 major hurricanes.

Port Louis is in a lagoon that is considered a “hurricane hole” and has a pretty good hurricane plan.  So, we will deal with it if something develops.  Last year we moved the boat from Florida to the Chesapeake to get out of the zone only to be hit by an earthquake followed by Hurricane Irene.

When we arrived, customs and immigration was quickly handled in the onsite office.

The Marina was completed in 2009; the landscaping is starting to fill in nicely.

There are onsite bars and restaurants a short walk from our boat.

At 12° North of the equator, the pool gets plenty of business.


We seem to have some nice neighbors.

All in all, it not too shabby.

When we get bored, we can cross over to Saint Georges or tour the rest of Grenada.  So, stay tuned, we may have the boat in “condo mode,” but the blog articles will still be coming.

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