Saturday, June 2, 2012


After Antigua, we motored by Guadeloupe and went to Le Bourg on Terre-de-Haute Island in The Saints.  From the description in the guide books, we were looking forward to this stop and were not disappointed.
Ferry service provides a steady stream of vacationers for Terre-de-Haute and plenty of opportunities to people watch.  Terre-de-Haute is St. Barth’s twenty years ago. 
For those of us that arrived by private boat there was a nice dinghy dock and easy check in through customs once we found the Internet café.

Our first stop was an ATM to get Euros because Eastern Caribbean (EC) currency from the previous island was no good.  On Terre-de-Haute crime does not seem to be a problem as there always seemed to be a strong police presences.
Frequenting sidewalk cafes and people watching seemed to be our favorite pastime.
And, there were many cafes to frequent.
Pollie particularly liked this lunch stop because her outfit matched the décor.  I liked the Dorado in saffron sauce.
There are very few cars on Terre-de-Haute.  Most of the population gets around via motor scooters.  We had planned on renting one, but found we did just fine on our little fold up bicycles.
After many switchbacks, we managed to push our little one-speeds to the top of the hill to visit Fort Napoleon only to find it closed.  This is an impressive fortification.
The ride back down the hill was much more fun;
Until we met a roadblock.
Should you be considering an out of the way, laid back Caribbean vacation, you might want to consider Terre-de-Haute.  But, keep it to yourself; we don’t want this place overrun.  

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