Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Gam: n. A social visit or friendly interchange, especially between whalers or seafarers.

Dinghy parking behind Motivator

One of the great aspects of the cruising lifestyle is the other cruisers you meet.  Boating is very democratic in that no matter what your social economic status, politics, religion or nationality, you are all sharing the same sea conditions, weather, and often the same neighborhood (anchorage).

 Marco & Rachel from Switzerland, William & Imbi from Sweden, and Mo from Motivator

Just like the whalers of yesteryear, cruisers have a tendency to enjoy getting together to swap sea stories and discuss places we have been or plan to visit.

Marc & Nadine from Belgium

The mix of nationalities and languages makes for very interesting conversations and you leave with a more worldly perspective.  You do hear a lot of, “how do you say..?

John & Kathy from Delaware

Cruisers are adventurous and enjoy an active lifestyle.  It is usually several meeting before you get down to, “what did you do before you chose a life of boat maintenance in paradise?”

Carol and Alex from California

Aside from the fellowship, there is also a tendency for very worthwhile information to be exchanged at these gathering.  We have picked up pointers on everything from Internet to boat cleaning.

Pollie with Kevin

Most cruisers are couples, but occasionally you run into the intrepid single handler.  They are usually a special breed.

So to all of the friends we have met, and all that we hope to meet in the future:

Happy New Year
May you find calm seas and cheap diesel

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