Friday, March 8, 2013


Francis Bay, St. John, USVI

Two-thirds of the island of St. John, United States Virgin Islands is under the stringent control of the National Park Service in an effort to maintain its pristine appearance.  On the northern shore are a series of bays that are fun to visit when a north swell is not a problem.

Because it is National Park, most of the island is not developed, but occasionally you find property with “grandfathered” uses.  Connected to Francis Bay is Maho Bay, home to, “The US Virgin Island’s renowned eco-resort.”

There are 114 “affordable” tent-cottages that provide the guest rooms.  During high season (November through April) prices range between $165 per night for an “Efficiency Futon,” to $230 per night for the “Full Kitchen Queen.”  Let’s see: 114 tents at an average of $195 per night – hmmm….

Also included are a small store, guest registration facility, restaurant, and a small beach cafĂ©.  We attempted to try the restaurant, but the surf that evening was too much for a comfortable dinghy landing, and the noseeums were out in force.

Guest tent-cottages and resort facilities are connected by miles of board walks through the jungle.

Because it is built up the side of a hill overlooking the bay, there are also stairs.

A lot of stairs.

Dogs are not allowed at the resort, so there are some very laid back cats.


Some of the facilities seem a little primitive, but what-the-hey, you are here to commune with nature.

Privacy does not seem to be an issue, as most of the tent-cottages are isolated from the others.

Activities include: swimming, snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, hiking, outdoor dining, art classes, glass blowing, yoga, massage, and of course just enjoying the Caribbean sun.

The kids also find other activities at this family friendly resort.

Maho Bay eco-resort has lost its lease on the property and will be closing in May.  Future plans for the site have not been disclosed.  For more information, visit:

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