Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Full Moon Party

Moon Rise Over Fire Sculptures

Aragorn’s Studio, an arts center in Trellis Bay, B.V.I., along with restaurants and bars lining the beach near the Beef Island Airport put on 12 Full Moon Parties each year.

Knot Bad anchored over a charter boat’s anchor

Probably 200 to 250 boats were tightly moored or anchored in Trellis bay for the event.

Beach Fire Ball

The parties are billed as, “The B.V.I.’s top culture event of the month.”

Bill, JoAnne, Izzy, Jeff, Mo, and Pollie
Part of Grenada, Class of 2012

It was also a great opportunity to catch up with cruiser friends.

Too much help lighting the fire sculptures

The party is kicked off by the lighting of the fire sculptures.

 Filled with cardboard and wood, the sculptures burst into flames and burn for a long time.

Kodak Moment

The flaming sculptures with sparks flying and the anchor lights in the background brought everyone’s camera out.

Next we were treated to shadow dancers behind an opaque moon on the roof.

Raised by a crane, the shadow dancers became sky dancers.

No Caribbean party would be complete without the appearance of the Moko Jumbi dancers.

Morning After

Trellis Bay had changed since the last time we were there (15 years ago).  The Loose Mongoose CafĂ© was still there, albeit with a new paint job, and the little mini-mart seemed to have a better selection.  There were a couple of new restaurants, but the nicest addition was Aragorn’s Studio, an outlet for local artists and locally grown food.  Trellis bay has improved, but managed to keep its funky nature.  For more information see: www.aragornsstudio.com

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