Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Book Reviews

Author Charles Brewer signing Pollie’s copy of Moonhole at the Fig Tree Restaurant

Our stop in Bequia turned into a literary experience culminating in attending the launching and book signing of Moonhole: The Rise and Fall of an Island Utopia, by Charles Brewer.

Mo with Sir James Mitchell, former Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Earlier in the week, after breakfast at The Frangipani Hotel we met the hotel’s proprietor and the longest serving prime minister in the Caribbean.  After a very interesting conversation, Sir James told me about his autobiography, Beyond The Islands.  Of course, I had to have a signed copy.

I haven’t been able to pry Moonhole out of Pollie’s hands, but that is okay because I am still enjoying Beyond the Islands.  I have only gotten to the place where a young James Mitchell returns to his birth island after college in both Trinidad and Canada, and working and traveling in Europe, but so far it is a look at a very interesting life.

A Canadian cruising couple that used to have their boat in charter service told me about the Secrets of the Conqueror, by Stuart Prebble.  The manager of the St. Vincent charter base, Narendra Sethia, where they had their boat is the main character in the book.  The book is a genuine page-turner. 

 Bequia Bookshop

I downloaded the Secrets of the Conqueror from Amazon to my Kindle.  Moonhole and Beyond the Islands might be harder to find, however both are available through the Bequia Bookshop.

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  1. Moonhole is advertised today in Sunday NYT Bookreview (8/31/14). But Amazon has only a very pricey copy for sale, used. How odd.