Saturday, November 9, 2013

Leaving Grenada

I am not sure if we wore out our welcome, but we sure wore out our Grenada courtesy flag.  This concludes our second season in Grenada hiding from hurricanes.  With three years of fulltime boat living/cruising under our keel(s), we have spent more time in Grenada than anywhere else.

In preparation for the long trek back to the United States, Motivator moved from her summer home at Port Louis Marina to the south end of the island to Spice Island Marina where she was pulled from the water.

The bottom was sanded and recoated with two coats of new bottom paint.  All the zincs were replaced and the running gear was cleaned and polished.  Additionally, I had the gentlemen with big arms and big buffers clean and polish the hull below the toe rail.

With constant supervision, Motivator was ready to go back in the water in only 4 days.  Considering the “island time” factor, that may be a new record!  Overall, we were very satisfied with the work performed.

Back in the water, we decided we were ready for some quiet time before we left Grenada.  So, our first stop was about a half a mile from Spice Island Marina at Prickly Bay Marina where we took a mooring ball for a few days.  Prickly Bay provides easy access to Grenada’s bus system and three good restaurants.  The Dodgy Dock Restaurant quickly became our favorite breakfast hangout.  But, the anchorage is very rolly, so we were ready to move.

Our next stop was Mt. Hartman Bay which is very quiet but not as handy to shopping and services.  Boats are protected from swells by reefs that guard the bay and make the entry a little challenging.  Our only shore neighbor was a small fishing camp (blue skiff) where in a week’s time we saw only one guy fishing on a Sunday morning.

Mt. Hartman Bay is one of those places where a good dinghy comes in handy.  “Little Toot,” Pollie’s name for our dinghy, served us well for trips into Secret Harbour Marina.  Also, we could easily go around the corner and through the reefs to Roger’s Beach Bar on Hog Island, Whisper Cove Marina (best steaks ever from Meat & Meet), and Clark’s Court Bay Marina.

To stage for our departure, do final provisioning, and to check out with officials we moved back around to the anchorage outside of St. George’s Harbour.  We also managed to get invited as guests to one final swim/happy hour at the pool at Port Louis Marina where we said goodbye (for awhile) to the friends we have made in Grenada.

“If it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen out there.”
                             Captain Ron Rico

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