Sunday, May 18, 2014

Replay Value

Warderick Wells Cay North Mooring Field

Certain movies like Captain Ron, with Kurt Russel you can watch more than once.  Other movies like Cut Throat Island, with Geena Davis are hard to sit through the first time.  We say movies like Captain Ron have “replay value.”  Islands are the same way.  Some you want to visit more than once, while others not so much.

One place that certainly has replay value for us is the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park.  Fifty years-ago, a twenty-two mile stretch of the Exuma Cays was set aside as a reserve.  It is a no-take zone, meaning no fishing, shelling, conching, or lobstering is allowed within the park boundaries.

It seems most of the park’s creatures know the rules.  The lizard above was happy to pose for the camera.  On previous trips we saw huge lobsters waving their antenna as us as if to say, “Niener-niener-niener, you can’t touch me!”

                                                           Source: Wikipedia

We even had a visit by one of the island’s hutia at a beach cocktail party.  You are not supposed to feed the wildlife, but the little guy we saw appeared to be accustomed to begging food from cruisers.

While we did not seem to intimidate the park’s smaller creatures, some of the larger ones intimidated us.  I was attaching the dinghy’s towing harness to the lower pad eyes, when Pollie noticed we had a visitor.  Please note how close the pad eyes are to the water.  The shark swam around inspecting our towing harness, but then lost interest when I was no longer sticking my hands in the water.

Hiking the well-marked trails on Warderick Wells is always an adventure.

We did find out, however that their estimation for the length of time a trail will take is a little on the optimistic side.  Evidently they had timed a mountain goat making his way around.

 Pollie found the hike exhilarating.

While I found a bench perfect for communing with nature while enjoying a cold beer which Pollie carried for me in her backpack. 

This outfit should scare the sharks away!

It is a land and sea park.  Besides hiking trails the park boasts great areas to snorkel.  A variety of sea life can be observed, and near Cambridge Cay they have their own sunken drug plane.

The crew of Izzy R told us about a feature not on the official park snorkel guides.  A sunken wreck between moorings number 9 and 10 in the north mooring field.  That was handy because we were assigned mooring number 9.

The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park definitely has replay value!

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  1. Wow - I've been following Motivator for a couple of years now, I think, since your niece Rachel turned me on to the blog. I've never done any sailing/cruising, but your posts always make me envious, but this one more than any before. Thanks so much for letting us share your adventure and watch over your shoulder - once the kids are all out of the house, I may just be calling you up to ask for advice on how to start cruising!