Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Blog on Blogging

It seems a lot of cruisers blog.  Others say, “How the hell do you have time for a blog?”  Yes, keeping up a blog is time consuming, but it forces you to reflect on the journey and isn’t that what it is all about? 

I am finding that many blogs are being replaced by Facebook, and that is okay.  But, a well written blog article that has taken some time to put together is different from a Facebook posting.

The goal of our blog is to record our adventures and not be boring.  Too many cruising blogs regurgitate all of the day’s activities ad nauseam.  Hopefully, we occasionally achieved our goal.

Here is a shout out to some of the other blogs we enjoy:

A blog about the adventures of Rahel and Marco.  We may be a little jaded about this blog because we so enjoyed the time spent with them and miss their company.

Their Grenada Hash House Harrier names are “Tarzan” and “Jane.”  Rebecca is Tarzan and Mike is Jane.  Their blog is both informative and humorous.

With this blog you get to follow the adventures of Isla, the poor little tethered baby (see the July 20th posting for an explanation).  A very well written and humorous blog.

We just recently met Rene and Stacy at Tobago Cays.  The name of their boat is a Dutch play on words that means “Blow Me Happy.”  They took some great pictures at Tobago Cays.

From Soundings magazine, I enjoy Peter Swanson’s well written and thoughtful articles.  See his latest about U.S. Coast Guard boardings.

Troubadour recently went through a major refit, so after hurricane season you will probably see more traveling from her.  Be careful, you can get lost in Chris and Linda’s web site.


WARNING: Do not try to keep up with this couple!  Bill and JoAnne are sorely missed on J Dock this year, but through their blog we can follow their adventures without breaking a sweat.

I am sure I missed some other great blogs and I apologize.  Please send me a link to your blog because I always like to steal good ideas. 


  1. Polly,
    We have a new blog about our current trip to the Bahamas and who knows where else, though I hope it's not boring. Check it out. Maybe we'll see you again sometime?
    S/V Changes

  2. Phil and Lorraine,
    Good to hear from you. I'll check out your blog.