Sunday, July 14, 2013

Turtle Watching

At a swap meet, I was able to purchase these goggles with a built in camera for only 95 EC (about $35 USD).  Soon I discover why they were for sale.  As the original owner stated, the camera works fine and the goggles do not leak, but what they forgot to mention was that they tend to fog up - really bad.  I have tried tooth paste, Joy detergent, and even went to a dive shop and bought anti-fog spray.  They are slowly getting better.

Pollie: “You look like a real nerd with those goggles!”

Detractors and fogging issues aside, the camera goggles work pretty well once you get the hang of them.

With the camera goggles your hands are free for swimming, but you still need to use your hands to click the shutter.  However, you can turn on the video function and then swim around hands free.

Click to start video:

No turtles were harmed while filming the above video, but some sea grass was consumed.

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