Friday, July 26, 2013

Eye of the Storm

Hurricane Ivan’s Path

On September 7, 2004 Hurricane Ivan slammed into Grenada causing several deaths, damaging 90% of the island’s housing, and destroying an untold number of boats.

St. George’s church is still missing its roof

Today most of the scars have healed.  There are still some missing roofs and structures laying in ruin, but most of the sunken boats have been removed and the marinas reconstructed.

Mo, stealing beer while others are distracted by the camera

Prickly Bay Marina facilitated a special showing of the Lunn family’s home movies of their experiences during Hurricane Ivan.  We were treated to the long version including footage of Cory’s wakeboarding before and after the hurricane.  During the hurricane their boat, Te Natura, was struck by another boat and shipwrecked.  While the experience was extremely distressing to the Lunn family, they were lucky.  They were able to salvage their boat and continue sailing.

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