Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Small Change

Roy Ston, a.k.a., “Small Change”

I am mostly a hands-on boat owner.  Meaning, I do most of my own maintenance.  Hiring work out is costly and I have found that quality control usually suffers. 

Motivator’s only exterior teal is a very conspicuous rail around the cockpit.  I gave it a couple of coats of new varnish last year, but noticed that the rail on our sister ship, the Izzy R looked somewhat better.  Captain Jeff has been employing Small Change to do his varnish.

At age 67, Small Change has been doing varnish in the U.S. and the islands for close to 50 years.  He shows up with just the clothes on his back, but is very particular about the owner supplied materials.  Most of Motivator’s stock did not meet his specifications, so I had to go shopping.

Finishing touches, reinstalling the rod holder

After I leave Grenada I may go back to doing my own varnish; it’s that cost and quality control issue I have.  Besides, watching Small Change I picked up some trade secrets.  But, whenever I am in Grenada, I’ll be calling Small Change.

Small Change

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  1. Thanks for the I info. Have flagged this post just in case we need it if we're in the area. Looks great and I et better in person.
    S\V Changes